What to wear | Senior Portrait

I don’t know about you, but whenever I am getting ready for a photoshoot, I always have trouble figuring out what to wear! So here are a few tips and inspiration for what to wear for your senior portrait session!

  1. Stay away from visible labels and brands. They only distract from the thing everyone wants to be looking at. YOUR FACE! Clothes are just an accessory, you are the main event!
  2. Wear something that reflects your personality, or a facet of it. Are you more sporty? Bring your gear to your portrait session! Are you more of a classic movie chic? Chanel your inner Audrey Hepburn and find your big black hat! It’s ok to bring both! Outfit changes are great for variety and help capture a more rounded version of you. Check out this awesome session I did with a senior and her violin!
  3. Typically the best things to wear for senior portraits are already in your wardrobe. Think of the things you feel great wearing. The pieces that make you walk with a little swag. Those are the pieces you will want to be photographed in! Pull those out of your closet and bring them with you to your senior portrait session!
  4. Don’t forget accessories! Scarfs, hats… that awesome bracelet you found at the flea market! Even that cute umbrella and rain boots can make the cut! Senior portraits are all about being you and having fun.

Need more help? Here is some inspiration! If that doesn’t work, head on over to that contact tab at the top and shoot me a message. I’d love to give you some help picking out the best outfits to show off the most authentic you!

What to Wear – senior portrait inspiration

For elegant or sultry senior portraits here are some ideas! Resort styles - Senior portrait outfit ideas Senior Portrait Inspiration fun Floral prints casual and dressy

Season and Location Matters!

One important thing that is often forgotten when planning for senior portraits is the season. Get in touch with your photographer and discuss when you would like to do your portraits. The season has a lot to do with what kind of outfits you wear. If your dreaming of a flowy, wind-blown look for your senior portrait session, don’t plan your session for winter! Here in Charlotte, North Carolina, we don’t have much snow, but just an hour north, near Winston-Salem and Boone, there are beautiful snowscapes in the winter.

Here in Charlotte, North Carolina, we don’t get much snow, but just an hour north, near Winston-Salem and Boone, there are beautiful snowscapes in the winter. Meanwhile, a few hours east, you have beaches like Myrtle, Willmington, and Charleston. But right here in Charlotte, we have some great locations from urban cityscapes to romantic gardens. A location is an important part of the planning process. If you are looking for a destination session, planning is always important!

I hope all these tips have inspired a vision of your perfect senior portrait session. If you would like to get more information on senior portraits with me, pricing or to start planning, shoot me an email here.

Want to see more ideas for your senior portrait?

Update! – I received notice (when I tried to hope on Polyvore to make a few more sets) that Polyvore has been acquired by SSense. When I find a new fashion platform to use for my inspiration and test them, I will let you know! Until then, please let me know if you have any suggestions! I’m all ears! Are you in the same boat as me? Click on this link to learn how to get your creations!