Hey! I'm Emilie, a photographer in Charlotte, NC. I specialize in capturing people's beauty to preserve their present.

I learned at a young age that nothing stays the same for long but at the moment, it seems like it will never end. As a mom to two boys, it's important more than ever to capture even the smallest moments before they are gone.

I am so grateful to have reminders of this all over my home. When my boys are driving me mad, I have portraits that show their sweetest selves. And when I'm done adulting for the day I can look at the image of a younger me and remember why the jump is worth it.

My boys are my world.
I strive to put my heart into everything I do.

6 Fun facts about me!

  • When I was little I wanted to be a fashion designer, a cosmetologist and a marine biologist!

  • My mom is my best friend, but it wasn't always that way! (I was a teenager too once!)

  • I love experiencing culture through food! My favorites are sushi, curry, and homemade mac and cheese!

  • The hardest job I've ever had is being the mom of my two boys. I'm always in overtime and I'm pretty sure I'm teetering on the brink of insanity, but the payoff is huge.

  • I love living in Charlotte because I am equally close to the mountains and the beach.

  • Since graduating college, I've always made a living in photography, minus a 10-month stint as a bank teller/hostess/graphic designer/mortgage assistant. (Yes, that was 4 different jobs!)

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My Story

My love of photography started out at a young age as a fascination with my mother's SLR. The sound of the film forwarding between shots as she pushed the lever to the left and the intricate way you pushed the rewind release button and pulled out the rewind crank and the end of a role.

It was these small sounds that gave me comfort through my childhood. A year after I moved myself to Charlotte, NC to study education, I changed my major to art and 4 years later graduated from UNCC with a B.F.A in Time Arts.

Since then I have worked as a photographer, enjoying meeting new people and traveling. I would love to be a part of preserving your life, big and small.