Why is family photography important?

In the world of Covid, one thing has become quite clear. Our homes are our sanctuary. Many that spent their time locked inside quickly realized their spaces needed a make over and went on a mission to create a space they wanted to be in. For many, this included adding family photography or creating new images.

Why now?

We suddenly realized that some of the things we never had time for, we did. We realized the importance of family. While going through such a difficult time with them, we felt the urge to document it. But what is it about family photography that means so much to us?

Family photographs show us we are a part of something.

Just like seeing an image of everyone in a company, family photography shows us we are part of a bigger unit. In some cases it shows relationships or what part we play. For children this is incredibly important, whether they are young, tweens or teenagers. There are a handful of studies that show how a tangible photograph can effect the self esteem of a child. In a time where our children are constantly on social media, it becomes incredibly important to remind our children they are wonderfully special.

Family photography experiences should be wonderful!

If the experience of having family portraits done is a good one, it should be another great memory in 1 year… or 10! There will always be stress and there will certainly be arguments. Remember, in 10 years it won’t be about the mismatched socks or the teddy you didn’t want in the family portrait. It will be about how unique your child was at that age or how teddy went on every family vacation. Every family gets their own version of pre-session crazies! The family portrait session is a time were you can put away all the “work” thoughts and just be present with your family.

What could be better then having a photographs to look back on and remind you of that afternoon in the park! I know some are saying that they can take their family to the park any day and take pictures with your phone. And you are right, you can! But I will tell you a secret. While you are composing, fixing settings or getting your children’s attention, there is bonding happen. And you aren’t a part of it. If you hire a photographer to take the beautiful images you are looking for, you get to take part in the bonding and enjoy the moments.

Summer family portraits tell a story.
Photographs and Memories

There was a study by Linda Henkel that backs this idea. I stumbled upon it mid-Covid and it’s been on my mind for a while. She asked students to walk an art gallery and photograph the work they had seen. Later, when we asked the students to describe what they had seen, they were unable to. Because they had the camera to remind them about what they had seen, their mind didn’t need to do the extra work to store it!

When you hire a photographer to photograph your wedding, you get to enjoy the day and use the photographs later to recall emotions and memories. The same can be said about family photography!

Family photographs are timeless.

Finally, your family photographer has crafted beautiful prints for you. Perhaps helped you pick out where to hang your new artwork. Maybe even helped hang it. That isn’t the end!

We have spoken about looking at photographs daily. But we haven’t touched on the value they will have in 5 years…. 15 years…. 30 years! In 30 years, my children will have families of their own, possibly with children of their own. Their children will be able to see their parents as children. A small glimpse of what their parent was like at their age! Your children will be able to look at the family image and think back on being that age. These images haven’t decreased in value. In fact, they have become more valuable. To more people!

If you are ready to have your family portraits updated, please contact me. I would love to help you start planning your new artwork.