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When Adam contacted me on Instagram, I was excited to be working with him on helping his team update their LinkedIn profiles. I’ve done his family portraits in the past and his wife contacts me for her business photography! I love it when clients trust me to do take care of their photography needs because it helps us build a great relationship and often get even better images.

Business portraits don't have to be stiff. Business photography made fun.

Business portraits can be tricky because you need to be able to capture a person’s personality, but body language and expression are important factors. I always try to make people feel at ease and reduce any stress.

Color choices for your business photography should be planned prior to your session. Think about what you will be using these images for and what colors might be in your marketing. If in doubt, neutral colors will always work, but if in doubt, give me a call and we can discuss it!

Business casual vs. Business dressy

Business casual is generally a safe choice for your business portraits. However, some feel they need to dress up. This usually depends on the profession you are in. I don’t always recommend a solid black suit. Business photography should still have a little color. Looking into color theory can be helpful because it can help you pinpoint a feeling you want your future clients to feel when they see your portrait. Here is a great place to learn more about color theory. I also have some information that I can send you when you book your appointment.

Emilie Smith Photography, Business Photography in Lake Norman Area
I love the way the pink shell softens the black suit jacket and plays really well with her eyes.
Business portraits for all your business needs

If you are looking to get some business photography done, I would love to help! Be it for your own business or just for some professional headshots for social media. Contact me and we can start the process!

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