Beat the Heat! |Summer Family Portraits

Summer in the south is no joke! In fact, my first summer here I got a severe sunburn from falling asleep in the grass! (Jersey shore has nothing on you, North Carolina!) I’ve put together some ways you can beat the heat and get some great family portraits this summer! Keep reading to hear all my tips and tricks!

Your summer family portraits can be anywhere!

There are so many ways to beat the heat when you are open to different locations. Being in Charlotte, we are just as close to the mountains as we are to the sea! Why not try some new locations! (Did you know I love to travel?!?)

If you don’t want to stray far, what about staying at home? Document your family with “A day in the life” session. Everything your children need is right there and I guarantee these images will mean just as much to you in the future as the formals you keep up on the mantle.

Want to stay outside? It’s way cooler in the shade! We can find some cool spots even in the wickedest of heat. Plus…

Timing is everything

Ever heard “The early bird gets the worm”? Maybe they get the best summer portraits too! That summer sun can sure heat up the ground, radiating heat from everything it hits! But if you get out there while the sun is still low, not only do you get amazing sun in your family portraits, but you also get a cooler temperature! As an added bonus, your younger children are typically at their best in the morning! And with a little bit, or a lot-a-bit, of coffee, you can be too. Promise! I would totally recommend a morning shoot for those with young ones!

There is also some merit to going for an evening shoot. For one the amazing sunsets! But since the sun is coming down, things are starting to cool down a little. Maybe that’s why they are so popular!

What to wear

I always recommend light, breathable fabrics when we start talking about summer family portraits. Seersucker and linen are great picks and will help to keep you cool. Pull out that vacation wardrobe and have some fun with it!

Summer family portraits tell a story.

What to bring

You can totally pull in some great props to include in your portraits to allow for some cool down time! Here are some ideas…

  • A Summer picnic complete with a cool beverage. (Shhh… we don’t have to tell the kids your lemonade is wine if you don’t want to!)
  • Summer parasols to keep you in the shade.
  • A watermelon party! Cool summer fruits will help restore the lost water and provide tons of energy for the second part of your shoot!
  • A change of clothes! I know it seems too easy, but a change can help refresh everyone!

Or come up with your own…! Let your imagination run wild with ideas of things that make you happy in the summer. Not only will it make everyone a little more comfortable, but also help create some great memories!

Must have’s for your family portrait session this summer

Bring some bottled water and if you don’t do a picnic, grab some easy snacks. Having family pictures is hard work and you will want a little something to restore your energy.

Lather on that SPF. If we are going to be out in the sun, you’ll want to have everyone protected.

Choose your makeup carefully! Opt for powders over liquids. Or, if you would rather, find a great makeup artist to do your makeup!

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