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Many people don’t know why they should stage their home to sell. It seems like something only done for the higher price points. Real estate is a fast paced business and sometimes there doesn’t seem like enough time. But people should understand the benefits of staging a home to sell.

Staging your home to sell. A Photographers View.

There are a few reasons I recommend hiring a professional to stage your home before you put it on the market. For one, it makes it easier for me, your photographer, to photograph the spaces. Wide open spaces get defined and it makes for more eye-catching images. It seems like nearly every home I am photographing lately has an open concept floor plan. It’s been a big thing for the past few years. But without furniture, its harder to see how expansive these rooms really are.

Empty spaces rely on architecture to create interesting spaces. Staging your home evokes imagination and emotion!

Unless you have some really eye-catching architecture, it can be really boring to view a wide open, empty space! It can be really hard for any buyer to get a sense of how big and beautiful that space really is! Adding even a few pieces can improve the viewer’s experience and spark some imagination! If the buyer has the ability to imagine themselves in the space, it’s sold!

Not everyone can imagine the potential of a space. And if all your potential buyers are seeing is empty rooms, they may have a hard time too! I’ve photographed homes that created small vignettes in a home as well as full home makeovers. So I can tell you there is something to fit any price point.

When you stage your home to sell, visitors find it easier to see spaces in a functional way.
Staging your home to sell quickly can be as simple as decluttering and keeping a few decor items out.

Enter the Designer

Home Stagers have an eye for these things. Color and Texture as well as placement. They know where to place furniture to accentuate the best parts of a room. And they use the space to it’s best advantage! Their eye is well worth the money spent.

A well-staged home can evoke emotion for the buyer. When it comes to the reason people buy, it has more to do with emotion than with reason. That standard package kitchen may not be as big of a deal when the new mom and dad see a great family room. It’s all about playing up the good and staging a home can do that.

Home Staging pulls a room together and creates a positive feeling for the visitor.

When you stage your home to sell, you often get more money! Someone that specializes in interior spaces can make your home look better than it is! Part of this has to do with perception! Placing furniture in just the right places to create a great flow is important. It can draw the buyer through a home.

Real Estate photography and Home Staging

Staging also makes all the difference in a challenging market! If a well-staged home goes up against a vacant home, my money is on the one the buyer can imagine themselves in. Your realitor can let you know what the comparable homes are for your house. You can also do some investigations yourself.

So if the photographs are the first impression your potential buyers have, why not help them stand out from the crowd?

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