Photographing Interiors

While I love photographing people, I recently started dabbling in real estate photography which has openned my eyes to so much more. With real estate and photographing interiors, I get to zone out. I go into my own private world and find amazing spaces.

Studying Light

While I was familiar with my flash before, photographing interiors has made me a better photographer with my flash and constantly provides new ways to push me. Understanding where light bounces and balances is a lesson in math and physics all in itself. (And who said you didn’t need those after high school?!)

Photographing homes requires a good knowledge of how to use your flash to balance out the harsh light you get from windows and shadows it creates. Sometimes HDR or multiple exposures are vital to achieve the shot you are looking for.

I had tons of fun assisting with this shoot! The colors were so awesome!

Color and White Balance | Photographing Interiors

Colors can be fun, but tricky to photograph. Getting your white balance correct in camera is so important when photographing interiors like this one at Modish Nail Salon in Harrisburg, North Carolina. Such a fun color palette to work with!

This blue dining room was another challenging one to photograph. Such a beautiful choice. I had to give it the justice it deserved! Getting the Color right in camera can help you immensely when you are creating your image. If you have a white balance tool, that will work, but finding a consistent light source and shooting with that in mind will do the trick. Once you do that, nailing the exposure will be a breeze.

If you would like to check out more of my real estate and interior work, check out my portfolio here! If you are interested in getting some interior or real estate photography done, please contact me for a quote!