How to Photograph your Vacation | Tips and Tricks

Check out these tips and tricks on how to photograph your vacation.

Capturing your vacation has always been such an important part of our lives. From the moments of the first Brownie camera and early film cameras, people have been bringing one with them whenever they went on vacation. It’s a way to capture the memories of your life that you want to remember. Read on if you would like to learn more about how to photograph your vacation!

So often, we get home to realize that we just didn’t manage to capture the essence of the trip or we missed that thing that we really wanted to tell Aunt Suzie about. There are a couple of things I try to remember when I am on the road that might help you out the next time you bring your camera out of town. And you won’t believe how simple they are!

Remember, photographing your vacation is such a great way to practice your photography skills. It gives you the freedom to be creative and experiment while telling a story. And with digital photography, it’s even easier now! Everyone has a camera and everyone is a visual storyteller!

Photographing the Place

When you are looking back at your photos, nothing makes it more boring than seeing the same composition and view. Try to find new ways to capture a place! For example, can you show how big a place is? Try putting something in that can show people the size! A person would work, but you can get creative with this! Play with the placement of your subjects to tell the story you want to show! You can even photograph it from a different angle. When you shoot up at something it puts the subject in a dominant role, making it seem larger or more important.

Once you’ve taken a picture of the whole, try focusing in on the smaller bits of information. The details are often my favorite because they can show so much texture and help create the mood! When you capture little parts of something you give the viewer more personal information about your experience, giving them a more personal story.

Photographing the details can also help solve issues with difficult lighting or backgrounds. When you change your angle and approach, you can often find a well-lit portrait someplace new.

Photographing the People

Portraits are often a big part of photographing your vacation. More often, we are on vacation with family or people that are important to us. Sometimes we are visiting special people in our lives. Try capturing people in the moment of joy or excitement. When you photograph someone in those moments, you get to focus on the emotions behind a trip, not just the place. And don’t be afraid to get the silly or funny faces. These can add to capturing the laid-back nature of a vacation. If I had to bet, it will be those images that you will connect to trips in the future.

So often, images of people on vacation are comprised of a person or group in front of a place or landmark. While these images are informational (as if to say “I was here”) they lack the emotion that a great photograph can give to the viewer. When you photograph your vacation, focus on the moments that make it amazing and fun and be sure to capture those. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different viewpoints!

When you photograph your vacation with these tips in mind, you are sure to have a fuller view of your trip and lots of great images to show to friends. Most importantly, you and your family have something to look back on to tell the story of an amazing vacation. And this is the way photographers tell stories. What better story to tell than the one of your life?

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