The Importance of Tween Portrait Photography | Charlotte, North Carolina

There is this amazing period in every child’s life filled with exploration and awkwardness, halfway to an adult, but with the memories of being a child still fresh and vivid. It is in these tween years that so many important decisions are made that help mold the adult into existence. This is why I find it so incredibly important to photograph children in their pre-teen years. Tween portrait photography bridges the big gap between newborn photography and senior pictures.

Pre-teen tween portraits continue to capture the journey into adulthood.

I love the sweet, precious baby and newborn portraits. I also love hanging out with high school students and capturing a blossoming personality and attitude! But there is this awesome middle ground that we just don’t spend enough time with! And if you do, you might just be reaching for your glass of wine! haha! But there is a magic behind these magical tween years yet they are so often undocumented.

Have you noticed that somewhere along the line your family portraits stopped happening as often and the professional portraits of your children have huge gaps? Suddenly they are juniors in high school and it’s time for senior portraits!

Tween portrait photography is vital to completing your child's keepsakes

I have the privilege of knowing this amazing girl. She is like a big sister to my two young boys and the daughter I never had. She is strong-willed and determined and ready to break the social norms for women!

Tween portrait photography

I know the summer is often a time for vacation and plans, but while you have a moment, think about booking a session this summer, before the hectic school schedule returns, things will pile up The light couldn’t be better. And if that weren’t enough, I have a special deal going through the summer for family portraits! But you have to contact me to find out! Talk to you soon!!

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