Your dog might be a rabbit if… | Charlotte Pet Photographer

Your Dog Might Be A Rabbit If…  you feed it carrots to do tricks.

Your dog might be a rabbit if… it is white and fluffy!


No, but really… Gizmo is a dog. I promise.


Gizmo and your Charlotte-based Pet Photographer

I had the opportunity to meet up with Gizmo and his parents a few weeks back for a fun little photo shoot. We met up at a small park in Union County, not far from his residence and I’m so thankful because I would have never thought to bring him carrots! Do you think I can make my kids do tricks for vegetables…? Not in a million years.

This session went so well, I had to share them here.

But seriously… Carrots did it…. #truestory!

And yes… He is really fluffy. And really white. And did I mention he bounces?

So… if you have a dog, or a dog that might be a bunny… or a bunny… I’m your gal. For photos I mean… I’m based in Charlotte, North Carolina, but I would love to be your pet photographer. And while I’m at it… I’ll be your family photographer… because isn’t that the same thing?

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