Your dog might be a rabbit… | Charlotte Pet Photographer

Your Dog Might Be A Rabbit If…  you feed it carrots to do tricks.

Your dog might be a rabbit if… it is white and fluffy!


No, but really… Gizmo is a dog. I promise.


Gizmo and your Charlotte-based Pet Photographer

I had the opportunity to meet up with Gizmo and his parents a few weeks back for a fun little photo shoot. We met up at a small park in Union County, not far from his residence and I’m so thankful because I would have never thought to bring him carrots! Do you think I can make my kids do tricks for vegetables…? Not in a million years.

This session went so well, I had to share them here.

But seriously… Carrots did it…. #truestory!

And yes… He is really fluffy. And really white. And did I mention he bounces?

So… if you have a dog, or a dog that might be a bunny… or a bunny… I’m your gal. For photos I mean… I’m based in Charlotte, North Carolina, but I would love to be your pet photographer. And while I’m at it… I’ll be your family photographer… because isn’t that the same thing?

Check out some more cute fuzzy animals here. I had the privilege of photographing the staff of the Harris Blvd. Vet Clinic!

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  1. That’s interesting post ..
    I added your site into my favourites!
    P.S.: Looking forward for new updates.


  2. Love these pet photos! Interested in having the same done for my doggie! 🐶

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