Why a shooting star?

I was driving north late one night because I had, once again, procrastinated and had to get my passport ASAP. Just as I was resigning myself to having to lose out on a trip I so desperately wanted to go on, I saw across my windshield a shooting star. Not one of those “out of the corner of my eye” “off to the left” “out in the distance” kind of things. It was clear as day, right above the horizon. For me, a shooting star was less of something you make a wish on and more of a sign of hope and a small push forward. Like someone up above telling me I was on the right track. So even if things seem so pointless, I push forward with faith.

Emilie Smith is a senior and family portrait photographer in Charlotte, North Carolina. The shooting star is a sign of persistence, beauty, and confidence. I want all my clients to see their best self.

That trip was a turning point in my life. After 9 months of working at a bank with my photography degree collecting dust in the corner of my studio apartment, I came back from that trip ready for a change. I dove back into my photography and found a job as a photographer. I put in my 2 weeks at the bank and got ready to start a job doing something I found challenging and fun. Photographing families and children.

It’s a part of me now, permanently.

A year later I walked into a tattoo studio with an appointment and a rough sketch. “Can you give it movement? Like it’s dancing.” And 2 hours later, It was there. Like a good conscience, sitting on my right shoulder, dancing among the freckles.

shooting star follow your dreams

(To clarify, I got my tattoo at 25. I decided I wanted a tattoo when I was 20, probably earlier, but waited for inspiration to strike. The drive that inspired the design occurred when I was 23. So I sat on the idea for a good year and a half before I let a pen touch me. I do not advocate getting random things tattoed on your body. And I certainly believe that even at 18, your body, both inside and out changes dramatically. You may not have to wait as long as I did or need to wait longer… You may never get one and that’s ok too. It’s one of those things that once it’s done, it’s done…. That’s the end of my PSA…)

It made perfect sense to me that it should be incorporated into my business. When Em of Starling Memory asked if there was anything that should be present I shot a picture of my shoulder and sent it over to her. And she totally got it.

Why is a shooting star a part of your logo?

For me, a shooting star is a sign of persistence, individuality, and belief in oneself. Being primarily a senior photographer and family photographer, I want to pass that on to my clients. Everyone I photograph, from babies to teens to parents, should know their beauty comes from inside and pours into my lens and touches my heart. I want them to feel like their own version of their best self.

Thank you for reading! There is more information about me here. Hope to meet you soon!


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