Winter Tea Party | Styled Shoot

A bond between mother and daughter is special. As a little girl, a tea party was a daily activity for me. This winter tea party was inspired by those special moments, watching my mother cook in the kitchen while I filled my teapot with water or juice.

When I had these images playing around in my head, I imagined warm light contrasting the cold winter and a lot of special moments between a mother and daughter. I knew this pair was perfect for the shoot. I think they pulled it off so well!

 A Winter Tea Party

A winter tea party wouldn’t be complete without hot cocoa and marshmallows. So this little twist included candy canes, chocolate torte, and sugar cookies. I can still remember the way the marshmallows melted in my mouth after sitting in the hot cocoa. 

This little lady was so much fun to work with. She was so excited about having a tea party in winter. It’s a good thing the winters in North Carolina are mild and hot cocoa is warm.Being a mom isn’t easy. I still remember those moments of calm, relaxing with my mom and enjoying the moment we were in. I know now what my mom was enjoying now. 

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