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I was incredibly honored to be able to photograph my sister for her senior portraits. You would think, yeah, sure… you are the photographer for the family. But it goes deeper than that. See, there is this huge age gap between us, so when she was born, I was 16. Nearly your typical 16-year-old… only child… growing up in New York City.

And among being nearly 2 months premature, she was born with complications. So many in fact, that she wasn’t expected to live past 3. But if you have ever watched a child grow up with complications hurdles, you will know what resilience is. And it changes you.

If I can pass on any knowledge to young adults, it is that you are capable of so much more than you can imagine. The proof is right in front of you.

You are capable.

Erin continues to defy the laws set in front of her. And truth be told I have no idea how. She is now in her third year at college studying Biology with the dream of helping children like her. My only explanation is that she managed to find what mattered and drive towards it. Full speed ahead.

Erin’s Senior Portraits

On a personal level, when Erin was brought into the world, she completely changed my life and taught me so much about what we as people are capable of. Watching this girl jump every hurdle that was thrown at her was inspiring. When we are young the concept of can’t or won’t is vague. Things are simple and when we see something we what to do, we do it, regardless of the work that it takes.

I wanted Erin’s senior portraits to reflect that determination and attitude. I hope I managed to capture it for all to see. For her to see.

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