Melissa’s Business Portraits | Cornelius, NC

I had the opportunity to work with this lovely entrepreneur on some business portraits and headshots. I wanted to do something that reflected her business, creativity and needed something that stepped out of the box a bit. This woman owns her own salon business and has amazing vision. And on top of it, she is drop dead gorgeous.

Melissa’s Business Portraits

I wanted to make sure I included images of her in her studio for 2 reasons. It’s a big deal to have your own storefront, but mostly because it’s where her clients see her. She is located in Cornelius, in case you want to check her out. The neat thing about these business portraits is they can be used to tell a story on her website or a blog.

It’s not unlike me to get up on furniture to get a great angle. Sometimes being a photographer means you have to think outside of the box… or on top of the chair…

These last few images are possibly some of my all-time favorites. The colors and the story they tell just excite me. What a great set of headshots we got here and all on-location, in her studio!

Melissa is an amazing woman with so many great ideas! She’s really been a driving force for me and my business. I enjoyed creating these business portraits for her and I am so excited to see where life takes her next!

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