Fun Facts about me. 

I love the sound of vinyls. And once I find a record player, I’m having a night of Billy Joel and Elton John paired with a wonderful glass of wine. I collected my vinyls from Goodwill trips and my dad. Shhhh . . .don’t tell him.

Coffee is my best friend. I have a 5-year-old and a 6-year-old, both boys and both monkeys. I’m surprised we haven’t yet had any hospital trips, but we have plenty of time for that.

I could eat my weight in sushi, lobster and pasta.

 I adore how my boys light up when they see me. My favorite part of the day is getting them out of bed. The moment they realize I’m in their room the smiles that appear are priceless.

 I love when my husband cooks dinner because it tastes so much better, but I love when I’ve tried to cook something new… and I haven’t burnt it.

 I love shoes. I have more than I care to admit. But most of them are in storage because I just can’t keep up with my munchkins in high heels. I now have a collection of flats that any mother would envy.

 I love meeting new people. But I am a total introvert!

 I have to make an effort to be organized. My brain runs a mile a minute and by the time I get involved in one project, I’m thinking up another one.

 I love living life as much as I love photographing it. I don’t tote my Nikon around most of the time. I have taught myself to rely on whatever camera I have on hand. It’s not the equipment, but the eye behind it that captures the image.

 I love to travel! It is one of the things that brought me to North Carolina! I’ve been as far east as Austria, where I lived for 5 months as an exchange student and as far south as Costa Rica, where I went bungee jumping off one of the largest jumps in the America’s! This was probably the craziest thing I’ve ever done, by the way! I don’t travel as much as I did before I had children, but I have big plans when they turn 18. Until then, we will make lots of trips to Tennessee, New England and New York to visit family and family vacations to the beach and the mountains.


The Serious Side of Photography… and me

Sometime after my father moved out of our home and my parents’ divorce was final, I found a snapshot of them together. It wasn’t the perfect portrait. If I remember, their heads were cut off and they were actually off-center in the frame because the picture wasn’t of just them, but a group of friends celebrating at a party. To me, it didn’t matter, because this was one of the few pictures I had ever seen of my parents together. This was the moment photography became an important part of my life.

My mother, a wonderful photographer, taught me photography at an early age. Family friends, who loved taking photos and used me and my friends as subjects also had an impact on my love of photography. But it wasn’t until halfway through college that it hit me. I called my mom up immediately, like I always do when I have a “light-bulb” moment. “Mom, I think I should major in photography!” She answered back, “Yes, you should.” I was dumbfounded. “If you knew that, why didn’t you tell me?” “I did, multiple times.” Yes, she had.

I love photography for many reasons, but mostly for the way it grabs people in its arms and holds them tightly forever. It is a way to capture moments and loved ones, preserving them for everyone to see, long after the moment has passed. Most importantly, for the ones that were too young or not yet thought of, photos remind them of how things were. My old photo albums still have their place on my shelf. They are tangible items that my children can pick up and look at. When I bring the pictures out, we enjoy looking at them together. They also give me great comfort because we live so far away from my side of the family.

It is important for me to be able to offer people these kinds of images, tangible items that will hopefully become heirlooms in their family. My focus is to provide you with images and prints, however I do recognize we are in the digital age and I offer digital products as well.

Thanks for taking the time to find out a little more about me. I hope you’ve enjoyed hearing my story. I look forward to learning about you!