90’s Child | Inspired

I had the privilege to work with some of the team at KreativeThinking Apparel last year. (I know! This is a year late… but I’m slowly catching up!) I am in love with the art in this label. Perhaps because I grew up in New York in the 90’s. 

When I began talking to xxx about collaborating on a shoot, he mentioned that we would be incorporating these two pieces: the “90s raised me” design and the “United Pigeon” design. I was excited and sat down to remember what it was like. I pulled up my old iTunes playlists and got to listening. I also pulled up google maps and checked out my old neighborhood! Things have certainly changed since the 90’s, but I still managed to find a few places that gave me inspiration.

The shoot was awesome! I managed to find a few spots that would fit with what I had in my head. I loved working with Tay, the model because she seemed to embody the image I had in my head of Aaliyah. Do you remember her old classics? 4-page letter. Rock the boat. Try again. And Timberland in the background! I still dance in my seat when I hear it. lol. 

Enough talk….


I’m so excited to photograph this girl again this weekend! Stay tuned! 

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