7 Questions you can ask to get to know your Photographer

Hiring a photographer can be daunting. With so many to pick from, how do you find one that can best capture your family? The key is digging in and finding out if their style matches yours! Once you know what you want to display in your house, and you’ve taken the time to ask the right questions, you can hire the right photographer for your shoot!

I’ve compiled some questions that can help you hone in on what makes your photographer tick, what they are passionate about and where they really excel!

  1. Who has most influenced your work? – This can tell you a lot about the style of work they enjoy. Go a step further and share with them your favorite artist! Maybe there’s something they can pull from for inspiration!
  2. What kind of equipment do you use? Both during and post production. – Knowing their equipment can help understand where their specialty lies. Ask them why they use what they use! There is a whole conversation that stems from this question for a photographer! And I promise they will care about talking about what they love about their equipment!
  3. Why did you get into photography? – Why would you not want to know this about your photographer!? Every photographer has their own personal story that seems to renew their passion every time they speak the words!
  4. Where do you turn to education yourself on your skill? – Every photographer has their resources! Like any trade, there has to be constant growth and building. Find out what they put into their education and what that means to them!
  5. Among your work, what is your favorite shoot or image so far? Why? – What do they love to shoot? What do they love about the image or setting? Does that match what you want? Does it speak to you? Maybe it’s something you want and didn’t know it!
  6. Where is your favorite place to shoot? – Do they like to travel? Will they travel to you? But more importantly, where do they feel most inspired?
  7. Among all the things you offer your clients, what is your favorite product? – What kind of product do they tend to shoot for? Is it the big art piece over the fireplace or the coffee table book that tells a story?


What have you asked a photographer that made the difference between hiring and finding someone else? Have I missed something that you think is important? Share it below! It could help a mom hire the right photographer!

I hope this has helped you It’s certainly sparked some ideas for me! Can’t wait to share them with you this year! Stay tuned for my answers!

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